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A Note About "Otherkin"

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A Note About "Otherkin"

Post by Admin on Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:46 am

It is important to remember that we are not a primarily Otherkin organization/community, however we do have many Otherkin members and feel it is important to explain exactly what we mean when we use the term "Otherkin."

  In the OtherWorlds Community, to avoid any confusion, we use a very specific definition when referring to Otherkin. While there are many different definitions of what qualifies as Otherkin, we apply the following definition:

  Otherkin are people who identify either partially or wholly as non-human beings, entities, or concepts in a psychological or spiritual manner.

  The emphasis on "as" should be noted. There are small fractions of the Otherkin Community (mostly “Tumblrkin”) that feel the definition should be expanded to those identifying "with" a non-human entity. We do not take this position.

Otherkin as an umbrella term
  In OtherWorlds, we generally use the term 'Otherkin' as an umbrella term which applies to Therianthropes, Faekin, Dragonkin, Elvenkin, Celestialkin, Fiction-kin, etc. We generally do not use the term to apply to the animal-hearted, totemists, or other similar concepts. This is because we desire to be a welcoming and all-inclusive Community. It is generally considered okay, for example, for a Wolf-Therian to call themselves a "Wolf-Otherkin" or "Wolfkin", but it is not generally considered appropriate for one to call themselves an "Elf Therian", unless they are a Multiple. Generally speaking, proper use of such terminology is simply learned by participating in the Community. Don't worry too much about it! You may notice that, within the OWA, we've split some of these up into separate “Factions” and it should be noted that this is a situation regarding overall theme for all-inclusiveness rather than specific “club-houses” and you are by no means limited to identifying as only a single Faction.

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